About Me

About Me

Life update

Hello, my name is Terri.

I was born and raised in England and now live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  I have had many jobs throughout my life.  I’ve been a barmaid, an entertainer and a professional dancer.  I now work full time as assistant manager in a restaurant in Rotterdam.  My hope for the future is that I can turn blogging into my profession, and hopefully that will be my final job title.

Although blogging around a full time job can be extremely difficult at times I love it.  I love sharing my experiences and giving recommendations on my favourite beauty products.  I also love to DIY but the one thing you will see with any of my DIY’s is that they are really easy and something that anyone can do.

Both here, on my YouTube channel and across all my social media sites you will get to see everything I’m passionate about, everything that inspires me and everything I love.

I aim to bring you a one stop shop filled with beauty, fashion and lifestyle.