Lush Refresher Review

Lush Refresher Review

Hi Guys, so this is another of my Lush purchases and after using the whole thing it’s time for my Lush refresher review.

Lush refresher review

As always here’s what Lush says about the product.

“When it’s nice weather for ducks outside, head straight for the shower with this lemon jelly.  Inside, a citrus explosion of fresh organic lemon infusion, lemon oil and organic lemon myrtle will blow the blues away.  Why not take your jelly straight out of the fridge or freezer and into the bath or shower with you?  The rush of cold on your skin will send blood pumping to the surface, increasing circulation and delivering a super – refreshed feeling.”

The thing that immediately drew me to this product was the smell.  I love citrus scents and this is just incredible.  It doesn’t smell of that lemony toilet cleaner smell, it smells of the most yummy, clean, lemony scent.

I have to say I wasn’t a fan of this product though.  I tried it various different ways.  I used it as is and rubbed it over my body, I tried it from the fridge which I didn’t like (I don’t like being cold) and on a friends recommendation I pulled off a little and put it inside my loofa.

The loofa trick was rubbish, don’t try it.  It’s just a waste of product.  Using it from the fridge or not yields the same results.  The only difference obviously if you take it from the fridge is that it’s cold.  I’m not a fan of that but that is my personal preference.  It also doesn’t stay cold for long because the heat from the shower soon warms it up.

The main reason I didn’t like this is because it’s difficult to use.  After just a couple of uses it starts to fall apart and much like with the rub rub rub bar you end up loosing a lot of product down the plug hole.

It is a nice shower gel-esk type of product.  It foams well and it gets you clean but for me it was just a bit of a faff.  It is €6,50 for 100 grams.

If they made this into a traditional shower gel, with that smell I would be all over it but the concept of the jelly is not for me,

Have you tried this before?  What did you think?

I hope you found my Lush refresher review helpful and that brings us to the end of the Lush reviews for now.

Lush refresher review

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Have a lovely day guys and i’ll see you soon.