10 Easy Ways To Save Money

10 easy ways to save money

10 Easy Ways To Save Money

Hi Guys, so money is something I think we all wish we had more of.  Whether your saving for a holiday, a house, that cute bag you saw or your future together with the help of family and friends I have put together a list of 10 easy ways to save money.

10 easy ways to save money

1- Switch out public transport.

If your someone that uses public transport a lot that money adds up.  If wherever you are going be it school, work or the supermarket is close enough walk instead or use your bike.  If I take the metro to work everyday that costs me €64 a month that I could be saving.  Plus you get a good workout at the same time!

2- Stop ordering food.

I am very bad for this because I hate cooking but stop ordering in food and start cooking.  If like me you lack inspiration head over to Pinterest.  I have a board called just cook.  Doing this one simple thing can save you a lot of money in the long run.

3- Shop your friends wardrobes.

I bet if you got up now and had a look through your wardrobe you would find piles of things that you never wear or things that don’t fit anymore.  Guaranteed your friends wardrobes are the same.  Make a night of it, get together and bring your clothes that you no longer get use out of.  I bet you all find something from your friends wardrobes that you love.  This way you now have new clothes and didn’t have to spend a penny.

10 easy ways to save money

4- Stop buying Starbucks.

Or any other over priced coffee from any other store.  Don’t get me wrong I love Starbucks and still treat myself to it occasionally but it is just a treat!  Instead of buying your morning pick me up at expensive store try making it yourself.  I also have a Pinterest board ready to go for you guys called don’t waste your money on Starbucks, check it out for some recipe ideas.  If that sounds like too much work for you take a look at your local supermarket.  My favourite store bought cold coffee costs 65 cents from Lidl.  Just buying that instead already saves me money.

5- Set up saving with your bank.

Find out what kind of saving programs your bank offers.  With my bank you can set up a system so whenever you spend money on your card it automatically sends a percentage to your savings account.  Mine is set for 5% but I believe you can also choose for 10% and 15%.  So if I spend €5 euro on my card it automatically sends 25 cents to my savings account.

My sisters bank in England has a program called save the change account.  Whenever you pay for something on your card they round it up to the nearest pound and put that money into an account of your choosing.

It’s definitely worth finding out if your bank offers any similar kind of programs.

10 easy ways to save money

6- Save your change.

This one is simple, pick a coin and save it.  Whether you decide to save 5 cent coins or 2 Euro coins its entirely up to you.  I save any coin under 50 cents.  Every couple of days I open my purse and put any coins under 50 cents into my money box that my mum got me for my birthday.  Be strict with yourself and the money will add up in no time.

7- Get creative.

If you are moving or re-decorating get creative and DIY a few things.  Now it’s not always cheaper to DIY but when it comes to accessories the things that are in the ‘in’ colour are way more expensive to buy than say something that is white.  Some paint or a can of spray paint is way more affordable and you can instantly change the look of things you already own or even bargain finds at the second hand store.

8- Don’t go shopping unless you have to.

If I am just browsing around the shops I will always see things I like (not need) and will be able to justify the purchase to myself.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this so only go shopping when you need something.  Write a list and stick to only buying things that are on that list.

10 easy ways to save money

9- Use apps.

Now just because you are trying to save money does not mean that you shouldn’t be able to go out and enjoy yourself.  There are a lot of apps out there like vouchercloud, scoupy and groupon to name just a few.  Always check these as they have all kinds of vouchers and coupons from places to eat out, places to order in or even things at the supermarket.

10- Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you need help don’t be afraid to ask.  When I moved house I had a very limited budget.  I posted on my Facebook page if anyone had any unwanted paint I could have, or if anyone had any tools and things I could borrow.  I ended up with around 40 litres of paint and every tool I could need.  It never hurts to ask and there is no reason to feel ashamed for asking for help.

Well there you have my 10 easy ways to save money.  Did you find any of them helpful?  Let me know in the comments.  Also if you have any tips you think others could benefit from then please be sure to leave those in the comments section to.

I hope your all having a lovely day.