25 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

25 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

It can be so easy to get down in the world we live in today.  Just switch on the news, open a newspaper or even go on social media and you will see a whole bunch of devastating things going on in the world.  That’s why I challenged myself to sit down and make a list of 25 simple things that make me happy.  It is so easy to get bogged down in the world that we often forget to find pleasure in the small things.  Here is my list:

1- Refrigerated chocolate.  Chocolate anyway is a great mood changer but when it comes from the fridge its 10 times better.

2- Reading motivational quotes.  This always helps me to lift my spirits.  If you like that to I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to motivational quotes.  Click here to go check it out.

3- Facetiming with my family.  I live so far away from them that I cherish any chance to be able to talk to them “face to face”.

4- Complimenting a stranger.  Try it and just look at the joy you bring to their face.  People can be so bitchy these days that hearing a compliment from a total stranger can turn your day around.

5- Coming home from work and seeing my dog.  He is always so happy to see me and that puts an immediate smile on my face, even after a long day at work.

25 simple things that make me happy

6- Having a clean home.  For me that just means I can relax easier and that makes me happy.

7- Having freshly washed hair.  I know you girls understand the feeling.

8- Having cuddles with my mum.  That happens very rarely now I live in another country but you are never too old for cuddles with your mum.

9- The smell of freshly cut grass.  There is something about that smell that just makes me smile.

10- A great smelling candle.  It just makes everything more cozy.  Cozy = Happy.

25 simple things that make me happy

11- Snuggling into bed after a really long day at work.

12- Listening to music that hold memories.  Happy memories that is!

13- Getting a manicure.  You feel pampered, relaxed and your nails look great.

14- Warm cups of tea on a clod day.  It just warms you up on the inside.

15- Getting flowers.  I buy them for myself all the time but when you get them from someone else its even better.

25 simple things that make me happy

16- Bubble tea! A large green tea mango with strawberry popping is my favourite.

17- Going for a wee after holding it for hours.  I know you know the feeling!

18- Getting comments on here, my YouTube channel or any of my social media outlets.  I love talking to you guys.

19- Waking up with the sun on my face.  It just makes me immediately feel like it’s going to be a good day.

20- Putting slippers on my cold feet.

25 simple things that make me happy

21- Surprises.  Giving them or receiving them, I love both.

22- A friendly smile.  Sometimes a smile from someone is all you need to cheer you up.

23- The way my dog knows if I am upset or unwell and immediately comes to make me feel better.

24- Getting a message from my dad.  My dad is not very tech savvy so when I get the occasional text message or even more rare Facebook message it puts a smile on my face for the whole day.

25- The look on someones face when you give them a present they truly love.  I absolutely love giving presents and seeing the happiness it brings.

So there are 25 simple things that make me happy.  I challenge you to do the same, make a list of 25 simple things that make you happy.  I would love to see some of them so let me know in the comments.

I love you guys, have a great day.