50 Random Facts About Me

50 random facts about me

50 Random Facts About Me

Hi Guys, did you see my last video? 50 random facts about me.  It has so far been my favourite video that I’ve done.

If you haven’t seen it just click the picture below.

50 random facts about me

I’m sure there are a few things in there that make you guys go ‘woah she’s nuts’.

For me it’s the weird and wonderful quirks that people have that make them unique, that makes them interesting.  If we all looked the same, all thought the same the world would be one boring place!

As something extra for my lovely blog readers out there I thought I would throw in a few explanations to some of the 50 random facts about me you recently learnt, I’m sure some of them seem a little crazy.

1- “My name might actually be Jamie but we’re not sure”

I am a twin and although we are not identical we looked that much alike as babies that for my parents to tell us apart they had to put nail varnish on my little finger.  One day the nail varnish had come off and they just had to take an educated guess!

2- “I have an ex-boyfriend that went to jail for murder”

I just want to clarify here that this is not my recent ex.  It is someone I was with as a teenager (lucky escape for me).

3- “I never use the first part of the toilet roll”

I don’t just mean the very first part either.  I mean everytime I go to the toilet I get rid of the first few sheets.  Especially in a public toilet.  It just creeps me out to know that other people could have had their fingers on it and you never know where those fingers could have been!

4- “I haven’t been on a proper holiday in 17 years”

By proper holiday I mean anywhere abroad and for more than 3 days.  I have had a couple of city breaks of 2 or 3 days but nothing that I would call a holiday.

5- “I used to be a bluecoat”

Bluecoats are entertainers at an English holiday park called Pontins.  Just because I love you all here is an old photo of me back then chilling in-between shifts.

50 random facts about me

Let me know in the comments what you thought of my video.  I hope you liked my 50 random facts about me (and the secret explanations).

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Have lovely day everyone.