Emie Bluetooth Speaker Review

emie bluetooth speaker

Emie Bluetooth Speaker Review

Hi guys, so I was approached by mobilefun.co.uk and asked if they could send me one of their products to review.  Of course I said yes and after looking through the website I chose the Emie Bluetooth Speaker.

emie bluetooth speaker

Look how pretty it is.  And if I’m being purely honest I picked it purely because of the way it looks.  I didn’t even look into the quality, the sound or anything like that.  I just thought it was cute and it would look great in my new apartment.

Needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived. I am a sucker for packaging and just look how cute…..

It comes in a really good quality cardboard box and the speaker itself is covered in a plastic bag that is also of a really high quality.  The box is really compact and contains everything you need.

It has a USB charging cable and a little booklet containing the instructions and any other important information such as how to care for the product.

emie bluetooth speaker

Now don’t let the size of this fool you.  It packs a punch in sound.  I was shocked at how loud it is.  It is also really easy to use.  The little silver knob on top is all you need.  This turns it off and on as well as adjusts the volume.  If I was going to offer any suggestion for improvement it would purely be that it would be nice to be able to skip a song on the speaker itself.

The battery lasts a really long time,  The website says 4-6 hours and I completely agree.  What I also like is that when the battery is low it bleeps to let you know so you can plug it back in to charge before the power dies.  Another feature is that it will turn itself off after 30 minutes if it is not  being used.

Another cool feature is that yes it is a bluetooth speaker but if you are sat here thinking man I don’t have a bluetooth device (rare these days but it does happen), it has a line-in port that you can plug most devices into.

I think the price is also incredibly reasonable it is only £29.99.  If you are interested in this speaker just click here

They also offer great international shipping so if your not based in the UK there is no need to worry.  In fact when you go to the site and it notices you are not in the uk it will give a pop up asking if you want to change the site to the country you are in which is incredibly handy.

I am incredibly pleased with this product and I wouldn’t hesitate to order something from them again.  In fact I do have my eyes on a couple of phone cases that I might just have to get my hands on.

What I also like about mobilefun.co.uk as a company is that they offer all kinds of accessories for the latest devices.  I remember when I got my iPhone 6, it was when they first came out and it was impossible to get my hands on a cute phone case.  Go to this site and you do not have a problem.  They have any accessory for any mobile device you can think of including accessories for newly released products.  Cases, speakers, stands, headphones and so much more. Check out their site here.  You can also check out their Facebook here, and their Twitter here.

I hope you enjoyed my Emie bluetooth speaker review, let me know what you think down in the comments.


* This product was gifted to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.