Men Are Better Looking Than Women | #TerriTalk

men are better looking than women

Men Are Better Looking Than Women

Hi Guys, so I am starting a new series called #TerriTalk where I want to talk about controversial subjects, my experiences, giving my advice and anything else you guys request.  I’m starting off #TerriTalk with this topic.  Men are better looking than women.

I have already uploaded a YouTube video about it so click the picture below if you want to go and see it, pre warning though.  You guys know me I ramble!

men are better looking than women

Now someone actually said this statement to me:

Men are better looking than women because women need make up to look pretty!

And yes of course this was a man that said this to me and needless to say when I heard it I was pissed, but that got me to thinking.  What I realised is that as women we do not need make up but as a general rule of thumb it is expected of us.  If we do not have our make up on we do not have it together.  Putting on make up for most women is the same as getting dressed in the morning, it is expected.

It saddens me that we live in this world but we do.  We are expected to paint our face on in the morning so we able to present our best selves to the world.  Why isn’t our best selves us without our make up on?

I go into more in the video so I would love you guys to watch it.  I really want to spread the message of the video around and make it really interactive so I’m asking you all a favour.  Please share it? Tell your family and friends the statement: men are better looking than women and lets see what they say.

I really want to know what you guys think so let me know in the comments section down below or over on YouTube.  If you have any requests for a future #TerriTalk please let me know here or by using the hashtag on any social media.

I think you guys are all beautiful with and without your make up on.

Have a great day guys.